Dynafit University Stratford


Is it just us or does it feel like ALL of Listowel is under construction right now 🤯🤯🤯
It's definitely more challenging to get to us right now, but it's still possible!
Try one of these options (sometimes they are all available, sometimes not... sorry, we wish we could see the future!🧙‍♂️)
1. Utilize the alleyway from Main Street between The Clothing Loft and Legge Fitness. Please go slow and use caution as there are often pedestrians in this area!
2. Enter Elma St from Livingstone and CAREFULLY proceed to our entrance.
3. Follow the signs for Spinrite Store and utilize this entrance to access Elma, and the dynafit parking lot.
4. Park downtown or at the library and walk over - either via Elma OR Main and through the alley 🙂 
5. Drive to beautiful downtown Harriston and use your key fob to enter the dynafit facility there 😎
See you soon #dfitnation 
#dfitfam #listowelunderconstruction #constructionzoneseverywhere #discoverListowel


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