Evermore Compassionate Pet Afterlife Care

There are pet owners, and then there are pet parents. We fall squarely in the second camp and take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously. That's why what happens to our much loved family members, in both life and death, matters to us.
We don’t leave our pets at the veterinary clinic or with the mobile veterinarian after they pass because their standards don't rise to the ones we hold for our family; we keep food, not family members in the freezer. We also choose to bid farewell to our pets with the dignity and respect they are due.
At EVERMORE pets are treated with the same dignity and respect we expect for any family member. And according to 100% of clients who completed surveys, arranging our private service is easy and quick.
Stratford’s own pet funeral service is changing pet parent expectations here and beyond. To learn more about how we honour pets and the bonds they share with their people, send a message, or call (226) 791-3768.


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