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Life is so lovely!  Here I sit in the front window of StreetCity Realty working on my laptop.  I look up and see a young couple walk by hand-in-hand and I think what a cute couple they are.  As they get a few feet past me, suddenly he turns around and walks back to the StreetCity window just to tell me that he loves the necklace I'm wearing.  This couple knows how to make a person's day totally!  Just a small gesture on their part but just how good did it make me feel!!!  My necklace is one that Glee Balmer, one of my closest friends ever, brought home from a Toronto Gift Show where she was buying for her lovely White-Balmer Shoe Store.  This was literally decades ago.  I keep telling Glee that absolutely every time I wear it, someone comments on how much they like it.  Over the years, it has become one of my favourite things.  How could it not when it never fails to make me feel so good when people comment.  Thanks to the very sweet young man who commented today and thanks to Glee for gifting it to me so very long ago.  Life is good!  It's funny how just a little comment like that can make a girl feel great! 


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