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 DID YOU KNOW: That Aquamation or Green Burial is the environmentally friendly alternative to cremation or traditional burial after a death occurs in Ontario?

DID YOU KNOW: That urns, vaults, newspaper notices and embalming are options not necessities?

DID YOU KNOW: There are three different kinds of wills that are recognized in the province of Ontario?

DID YOU KNOW: There is a lump sum death benefit of $2500 that you may be eligible for after someone dies?

DID YOU KNOW: There is a spousal or children's support benefit?

DID YOU KNOW: That MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) is legal now for those suffering?

DID YOU KNOW: That end-of-life preparations do not only include funeral preparations?

DID YOU KNOW: That any pre-arranged funeral may be transferred to any funeral home?

DID YOU KNOW: That every funeral home contract will have “disbursements" on it that are largely under your control?

Why not take control and get your questions answered at the 4th Death & Dying Pop-Up. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 125 Downie Street, Stratford, between 10am and 5 pm in the Town Crier Marketing community space.

You need merely walk in, take the printed information you need regarding dozens of topics – and walk out. But rest assured, for those slightly bolder individuals who have questions, they will all be answered, and we may even have an interesting conversation along the way. It won't kill you!

Death positivity is the willingness to discuss death because it is human, and it is loving to do so.




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