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Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made from fresh, frozen cannabis plants. It preserves more of the terpenes and cannabinoids than other methods of extraction. Some people say it has a more flavorful and potent effect than other concentrates1.

You can use live resin by dabbing, vaping, or topping off your joints or bowls12. Dabbing requires a dab rig, torch, and nail, or an e-nail. Vaping requires a dab pen or a cartridge. Topping off means adding some live resin to your regular cannabis flower1.

Some people claim that vaping live resin is safe in the long term, as it does not damage the lungs or the immune system, and may even have some health benefits34. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support these claims, and vaping live resin may still have some risks, such as addiction, tolerance, or contamination5.

Please be careful and responsible when using live resin or any other cannabis product. Consult your doctor before using it if you have any medical conditions or concerns.



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