Dynafit Listowel

Supplement Spotlight: ATP Protein Powder

Tam & Kurzy personally prefer the Organic Vegan Blend, but we also have a whey, isolate and beef protein available (check it out at dynafit.ca/category/all-products)

Kurzy likes to mix this in with his oatmeal to make it more “complete” for more balanced structure of the meal, but it’s also delicious as a stand-alone shake, easily transportable, easily consumable, easily digestible for when he's on the road! Kurzy enjoys both flavours of this. 

Tam likes to mix this one with a scoop of greens and water every morning as her breakfast, because she doesn't usually like to actually eat breakfast. She will also use it when she's out in the wild and needs something easily transportable. Tam prefers the chocolate unless she is mixing it in protein bites.


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