Dynafit Listowel

 Supplement Spotlight: Supernova Pre-Workout

This is one of our best sellers and Kurzy's favourite!

Kurzy: "As a former caffeine addict, I’ve tested them all! It’s the right blend for the common man to give you a little jumpstart, a little motivation and as a vasodilator it helps PUMP you up to enjoy your workouts more. I find that mixing one scoop at home and sip it while I do my morning chores and business leaves me on cloud 9 for the day. Somedays, I’ll have a 2nd scoop just before my workout and drink it during my warm up. "

Tam: "I don't touch this stuff, if I even had 1 sip I'd be awake for 3 days!"😁😆

Lana: "Nope, not for me! I just drink caffeine."



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