Hard Knocks by Dynafit


(Pre-sale ends this Friday Dec 15th @ 11pm)

10% off discount will be applied for all purchases made after Dec 15th, until Jan 1. 

Every home deals with sickness this time of year. We are here to help you minimize that!

We came up with this Winter Immunity Supplement Stack to increase your body's ability to fight off everything that goes around during the next few months. 

At Hard Knocks we want our members to optimize their health all year round! Adding high quality supplements to your daily routine is a great start! 

Winter Immunity Stack = $192 + tax. (Save over $35 by ordering this week!!) 

Includes: Creatine (3 month supply) 

             : Zinc Supreme (3 month supply) 

             : Vitamin B12 (2 month supply) 

             : Vitamin D3+K2 (2 month supply)

             : Vitamin C (45 day supply) 

             : Supreme beef protein (1 month supply) (Highest quality protein on the 


(Supreme beef protein can be switched out for the "Organic Vegan Blend" if preferred) 

Don't wait until the new year to start taking your health seriously. The time is NOW! 

Contact us before Friday Dec 15th to lock in your 15% Pre-Sale discount! 💰



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