MS Creations

 Homeward bound after 3 weeks away. 

16 full show days, 3 days of set up, 2 full days of driving. 1 show ran by friends and family in Stratford while I was away 💝

New friends, awkward dancing in the isles, some great meals, and many hours of sewing in the hotel room. 🧵 

I’m ready to snuggle my doggos! 


Many thanks to the hubby for doing the heavy lifting for me this year (I put myself in physio prepping for OOAK and couldn’t lift stuff with my left arm!) 

Love what you do and do what you love!

But take a break occasionally 😜


Many thanks and much love to all my customers from the last 3 weeks ❤️ Toronto, Ottawa, and Stratford- you rock! 

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