This is a #shoplocal call out to all the party people and the @canna-curate team making a push to be the kingpins of the community!
For @town-crier /, our vision is to help locally owned businesses build their own, customized marketing mechanism that matches the scale and objectives of their business. Most times, we become their advisor, trainer, or even the marketing department itself with clients. Other times, we partner with local organizations when it is mutually beneficial and we share a vision.
This quick blog is to help celebrate the 3rd anniversary in operation for long time favourite client [Spiritleaf Stratford](
Before you read on, we aren't going to tell you what to do but best not read if you are not legal age or in a region that has not legalized cannabis consumption. Otherwise, even non-consumers may like the entrepreneurial and marketing story around this event.

The Event

Imagine investing your life savings and all of your time into the launch of a business in the middle of a pandemic. Imagine that business is in an industry that is a brand new market because of legalization so you wear an ancient stigma and are also charged with educating the public. Then, come to realize the restrictions and expenses enforced by the controlling body are substantial, while the possibility of having a directly competing business open right next door without any control. This is a tough business to be in and only the strong will survive and thrive. We won't even go into local competition that doesn't follow the rules and those who are outside enforcement even when they don't
Enter Spiritleaf Stratford. Celebrating their 3rd year in operation, they have the strength of a national brand as well as the virtue and challenges of a completely independently-owned small town business. 3 years is an accomplishment we are proud to have contributed to and seen every step of the way.

Last year at this time, we were celebrating the 2nd anniversary! We arrived before the crown rolled in and had some good time with the owner and his staff. So many happy and supportive people including his parents and so many clients who had discovered and came to love this place.

The Ownership

We gotta have fun with Allen a little because, well he is a lot of fun. This is a shot from the Chamber of Commerce golf tournament we attended with a hundred other business owners. Now, I wouldn't put it past us to smuggle a toilet onto the course and take turns trying to drive a ball while sitting on it. We did not as it was part of the fun tournament features that was courtesy of the organizers. Still, you can probably tell this guy could have fun in a paper bag and we enjoy every moment we get to spend with him and his lovely family.

Back to the Event!

Another feature of Spiritleaf Stratford is that it is a dog-friendly environment. Not only that, Astrid is a wonderful basset hound (I think?) and is a part of the team whenever Adam is there. This is not Astrid however, but a special feature!

These are a few of Astrid's puppies who were on hand last year to help with the festivities. So many wrinkles and floppy ears you could come out of that place so happy you would not have had to partake in any of their product! Who adds a snuggling zoo to an anniversary party? These guys!

Without the puppies, this would have been a great time with the team and great vendors like Steve from local cannabis grower [Greenseal Cannabis]( Hopefully he and a few more of the local educators and industry experts are there.

Here's to Another Great Year!

We have been planning our attendance at this event for weeks as Allen and the team have planned all of the festivities. We are excited for the creative strategies they have for providing the best experience and product from a system that is still figuring itself out. We are a little concerned for the other local competition as all small businesses matter but the government rules the game and we are happy to consult and provide intelligence from the online portion of their business. Knowing how passionate these guys are right from the owner, the celebration will be justified.
In this market, it is about surviving the wild west and spending more time educating & being an innovative entrepreneur. The competition will get sorted themselves and it will be the ones who outlast and outshine that stand the test of time. These guys have the right attitude, play well with others and simply do the best they can for their clients and the market.

A giant 420 salute to Allen, Adam and the whole family who have been #shoplocal advocates and wonderful clients the whole time. In case you missed it, (and for the benefits of small town SEO) here are a few links to check out for more about these businesses.

Never underestimate the power of backlinks for a small business!

Link your local dispensary to gift them a little SEO love!


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