We have to share the story of a fantastic local partnership and epic fund-raising event.  We, [Town Crier Marketing](https://www.towncriermarketing.ca), have been partnered up with local hockey organization [The Stratford Fighting Irish](https://www.stratfordirish.com/) for the last couple years which marked their first as a club and league [Western Ontario Super Hockey League](https://www.woshl.com/)  This team is special as a local entity not only for the hockey, but for all the events and how big a role they play in our community.

Here is a story on a HUGE night and special event we were lucky enough to be a part of


As you can see, this event was pretty popular and we filled the place with locals looking to enjoy some sports entertainment and support their local club's fund raiser.  This was the first event with regional wrestling production [Hammerlock Pure Wrestling](http://www.hammerlockpurewrestling.com/) and our first chance to catch a live event.

9 huge matches and a free concert by local rock band Wide Open Throttle made this the best $25 people would spend all year as far as entertainment goes.  The sell out proved it beforehand and we were proud to have handled digital campaigns and push ticket sales.  

With the setup complete, the doors opened at 5:00 PM and the stars of the show made themselves available to meet the public.  Plenty of memorabilia and phot ops for fans as these huge personalities are dedicated to the immersive experience.  Here, we have the pint-sized powerhouse "The Ballroom Blitzen" Miley who is the current women's champion.  Can't wait to see that title match!

The Team

Staff and volunteers we usually see at the hockey games were on hand to make sure refreshments were plentiful for a big and busy evening.

Most events will gouge when it comes to selling beers and cocktails and it is not uncommon to have to fork out over $10 for a can of beer.  Not here.  This is an event for the community and drinks, including delicious Caesars, were only $5.  Plenty affordable so it was easy to leave a tip for these happy souls.


The event started with a bang as announcers introduced the all new Dux Cup which was going to be the main prize for a royal rumble style match.  My main man and champion “Young Lion” Bryce Hansen was not too happy at having the heavyweight title match not be the main event.  Instead, he demanded that the match open the festivities so that he could win, sell some merch, and call it an early and easy evening.  Win he did in grand and grueling fashion as he managed to take the title belt back to hometown Listowel.  

With that huge match concluded, it was on to the absolute insanity of a 15-man elimination match to decide the 2 combatants who would compete for the Dux Cup on its inaugural night.  A new wrestler entering every minute made for some wild action, despicable double teams, and huge tosses over the top rope to the concrete below.

Manager for a Day

One of the special features we were able to help facilitate was our contest for Manager for a Day.  As luck would have it, this fine fellow had wanted to be a wrestling manager his whole life, participates with many local sports teams around town, and donned the stage name Dronzo for his managing debut.  Can you see how excited Brian White and Chilly Brown are to have local representation?!

They harnessed this energy and let it rip over the crowd to stir them into a frenzy to fuel them on their huge match.  Dronzo did not disappoint and they were ready for war.

It looked like Manager Dronzo might pull his hair out during the highly contested match as it was a wild seesaw battle almost to the death.  In the end, the pin fall for the 1-2-3 happened and the manager shot like a rocket up the aisle, exploded into the ring, revived his warriors and celebrated the victory hard core.  

The place went bananas and I had tears in my eyes both for the humorous spectacle and knowing that this was probably one of the biggest days of his life.

It was hard to judge which performance of the 9 matches was the best.  The women were fierce and battled through probably 2-dozen 2-counts as neither was willing to succeed the match.  In the end, it was Miley who barely managed to pull out the win and celebrated graciously with her opponent.

The Tag Team of Books & Looks knew how to win over the hometown crowd and donned the home colors of the Fighting Irish.  Smart, good looking and dressed to kill.

Their opponents were not about to let that deter them from winning and had plans of their own.  An ambush before the bell presented some unexpected violence as they beat the jerseys right off them, and desecrated them a little by flossing their private parts with the hometown jerseys.  Very well done heel work right there brought the home town crowd to their feed with BOOs and thumbs down.  Big involvement in that match.

In the end, it was Vikram "The Punjabi Prodigy" Prashar who battled his way to the victory and hoisted the Dux Cup.  He had promised that he would defeat the son of the cup's namesake, Ethan Dux, and he came through on that bold promise.


Huge thanks to the dedicated and resourceful teams at [Stratford Fighting Irish](https://www.stratfordirish.com/) and [Hammerlock Pure Wrestling](http://www.hammerlockpurewrestling.com/) for enabling us to be a part of a HUGE event and big night.

In case you missed the links, here are a few:

  • https://www.stratfordirish.com/
  • http://www.hammerlockpurewrestling.com/
  •  https://shopstratford.ca
  •  https://www.towncriermarketing.ca

Never underestimate the power of backlinks for a small business!

Excited for the next SLAMDOWN event??


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