The Salt Cabin

 Each day as we get closer and closer to opening we check off boxes in preparation to open! We thought we would share a little about the services we will be offering. First up, is our state of the art Salt Cabin! It can fit up to 8 guests at a time, where you can sit back and relax in Adirondack chairs as you take in the restorative power of salt therapy.

Imagine you are at the cabin, you open the French doors to step outside and onto a “salty” sand beach. Go ahead and get comfy, let the relaxing sounds and the smell of the salt air take you away. Leave the troubles of the day behind and just breathe!


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The Salt Cabin (Logo)

How does the dry salt particles work?

Dry salt aerosol reduces bronchial inflammation, clears airways, eliminates pathogens, and purifies bronchial/nasal passages, akin to a toothbrush cleaning teeth. Salt sessions enhance breathing, alleviating symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, flu, and more.

And the link to the website:

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