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 The chart herein illustrates the environmental impact of certain funeral techniques. While we recognize that personal wishes are exactly that – highly personal – and we would never attempt to sway someone from those wishes, Rutherford Cremation & Funeral Services has served people who have changed their mind from their initial decision, were unaware of the information, or were simply undecided about what they might want.

Let me explain what you are looking at. The chart is from the TNO – the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. TNO is the largest fully independent Research, Development and Consultancy organisation in the Netherlands.

A few things to know about this chart to get perspective:

…The “shadow price” mentioned on the left side means that when the study was carried out it took into consideration all of the potential impact of the funeral techniques in question, namely and for example – the delivery of caskets to funeral homes, the making of caskets, the chemical embalming of individuals, the burning of fuel, the use of land, the use of water, etc.

…The method of “Freeze Drying” as a disposition method is still theoretical and not an option in most countries.

…The term “Alkaline Hydrolysis” is the technical term for “Aquamation.”

Our number one mandate at Rutherford Cremation & Funeral Services in Stratford, is to empower people with information. We are a full-service funeral home and offer all methods of disposition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and get your questions answered. 519-271-5062.




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