James A Rutherford Funeral


FAQs for Funeral Services:

What type of service should I have? Consider the deceased's wishes, personality, concerns, and opinions on costs. We'll help you honor their identity.

Can I personalize a funeral? Absolutely! Share your desires, and we'll ensure your wishes are respected.

Is embalming a necessity? Not necessarily. Embalming may be required for public viewings but not for closed casket services.

How much does a funeral cost? Costs vary depending on services and supplies. Explore our website for an overview of costs and services.

Least costly and most costly alternatives? Direct cremation or body donation are least costly, while traditional services with a casket are most expensive.

What if I have a pre-arrangement and circumstances change? Pre-arrangements are transferrable, and it's wise to update information if circumstances change.

How does pre-payment for a funeral work? Pre-payment locks in costs at current prices, with funds deposited into Guaranteed Funeral Deposits (GFD) gaining interest until needed."

Phone: (519) 271-5062 / Email: rutherford@jarfh.com 



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